Online Programs

Pensacola State College offers the following programs completely online:

  • Accounting Technology (AS)
  • Accounting Technology Management (CT)
  • Business (AA)
  • Business Administration (AS)
  • Business Development and Entrepreneurship (CT)
  • Business Management (CT)
  • Criminal Justice (AA)
  • Criminal Justice Technology (AS)
  • General Studies (AA)
  • Human Resource Administrator (CT)
  • Human Resource Management (ATC)
  • Law Enforcement Administration (ATC)
  • Project Management (ATC)



Spring Registration

Looking for something new in 2017? Try an online course. For the past five years an average of 282,816 students in the Florida College System enrolled in distance learning courses. Scheduling flexibility and geographic freedom are two of the main reasons students find online learning attractive. For those juggling work and family obligations, these features are especially important. PSC offers courses (and complete programs) that are 100% online, as well as hybrid courses that substitute online instruction for a portion of on-campus meetings. Registration is currently underway and online courses fill fast, so don’t wait!



Online Success

Ten things you can do to ensure success in online learning: 1) Become familiar with your online classroom, Canvas. 2) Read your syllabus and consult it periodically. 3) Plan ahead, especially for things like arranging a proctor (if required). 4) Don’t fall behind. 5) Technical issues? Don’t wait — seek help immediately. 6) Talk to other students taking online courses. They have been in your shoes and may be in a position to offer helpful advice. 7) If you hit a bump in the road, contact your instructor as soon as possible. 8) Manage your time wisely. The semester will pass faster than you think. 9) Bookmark the eLearning website. Helpful information is located under the “Students” link. 10) Be proactive. Success depends on initiative and timely action.