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Online Programs Available at PSC

Pensacola State College offers eleven programs completely online:

  • Accounting Technology (AS)
  • Accounting Technology Management (CT)
  • Business (AA)
  • Business Administration (AS)
  • Business Development and Entrepreneurship (CT)
  • Business Management (CT)
  • General Studies (AA)
  • Human Resource Administrator (CT)
  • Human Resource Management (ATC)
  • Law Enforcement Administration (LEA-ATC)
  • Project Management (ATC)



Need to schedule an exam?

Did you know that PSC uses RegisterBlast, an online appointment scheduling system for exams? RegisterBlast allows students to make their own testing appointments online, anytime. Students can also pay any fees associated with a test through RegisterBlast. Once a student has made an appointment, RegisterBlast will even send him/her an email confirmation. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and effective. RegisterBlast is available for exams on the Pensacola and Warrington campuses. Questions? Call 850-484-1656 for more information.


Virtual Tutoring!

Pensacola State College now offers virtual tutoring to PSC students in the following academic areas: Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Math, and Writing. PSC students enrolled in these subjects can access tutoring services within the PSC eLearning system (Canvas) via any computer with Internet access and work with a tutor online, in real time, on campus or off. PSC realizes that it is sometimes difficult for students to get the help they need when they need it. Virtual tutoring is an effective solution to this problem and students love it. If you are a PSC student who is having academic difficulty, but sure to check it out. Questions? Call 850-484-1751.

tipsIcon-90Continuing Education at PSC provides a strong link between the College and community by offering courses and programs for lifelong learning, recreation and leisure, and cultural events at a reasonable price and convenient to students of all ages. Many of these courses are offered online. For more information call 850-484-1797.