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Online Programs Available at PSC

Pensacola State College offers six programs completely online:

  • Accounting Technology (AS)
  • Accounting Technology Management (CT)
  • Business (AA)
  • Business Administration (AS)
  • Business Development and Entrepreneurship (CT)
  • Business Management (CT)
  • General Studies (AA)
  • Human Resource Administrator (CT)
  • Human Resource Management (ATC)
  • Law Enforcement Administration (LEA-ATC)
  • Medical Records Transcribing (ATD)


What you should know about eLearning.

There are many reasons you might consider taking an eLearning course at PSC. Perhaps you would like to add some flexibility to your schedule, reduce the number of times you drive to campus, or maybe you just like working independently. Whatever the case, your chances of success are much greater if you approach your eLearning course with a plan for success. Based on feedback from former eLearning students, it seems that regardless of the subject or instructor you select, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of success.


Discover the PSC Online Classroom

If you are thinking about taking an eLearning course at PSC, you can get a head start by participating in our free, Student Orientation Course. This self-paced tutorial serves as an introduction to the PSC online classroom (Canvas) used for all eLearning courses offered at the College. This is not a college-credit course but rather a chance to determine if you are ready for eLearning at PSC before you enroll. Just click the picture above to begin. Questions? Call 850-484-1238 or email us at,

tipsIcon-90Continuing Education at PSC provides a strong link between the College and community by offering courses and programs for lifelong learning, recreation and leisure, and cultural events at a reasonable price and convenient to students of all ages. Many of these courses are offered online. For more information call 850-484-1797.