The AS in Business Administration is offered completely online and is designed to offer students a broad foundation in all areas of business. The AS program is designed to prepare students for a career as a Business Manager while also serving as the preferred pathway to the Business and Management baccalaureate degree at PSC. Graduates from the Business Administration Program support a variety of industries. These industries may include wholesale and retail stores and services, financial agencies, banks and large businesses, government agencies, and educational systems. If you prefer working indoors, like to work with people and ideas rather than things, and see yourself as a leader, this is certainly a career worth exploring. To learn more click here or contact the PSC Department of Business at 850-484-2504.

Law Enforcement

Interested in law enforcement? If so, contact PSC today to learn more about our program in Law Enforcement Administration (Advanced Technical Certificate). Offered fully online, the program is designed for students interested in increasing their knowledge and seeking employment in this field. LEA encompasses a wide variety of duties and responsibilities, and general information is readily available online. Admission to the LEA program at PSC requires an associate degree from a regionally-accredited college. The preferred academic pathway into the program is the Associate in Science in Criminal Justice Technology (also available fully online at PSC). For more information click here or contact the PSC Department of Business (850-484-2504).

Student Support

Students entering college today can quickly become overwhelmed with the various information technologies encountered on a daily basis. However, knowing where to find help when needed can lower stress significantly. All PSC students use the PSC email system (PirateMail) and most students use Canvas, the PSC learning management system. The student record system (Spyglass) is used for registration, transcripts, etc., and the PSC Library offers a host of online services. While such variety is a common feature of most colleges, PSC is committed to minimizing the confusion that may arise by providing help to students when and where they need it. For a brief overview of the various PSC systems, and a quick reference guide to assistance, students are encouraged to visit the Student Support page on the eLearning website.


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