PSC Writing Lab

Are you a currently enrolled PSC student who needs help with a writing assignment? Do you need help with grammar, developing a topic, organizing your paper, or formatting a proper citation? If so, the PSC Writing Lab has got you covered. Help is available online or in-person at four PSC locations (Pensacola, Warrington, Milton, and the South Santa Rosa Center). Students can email a writing assignment to any location and expect suggestions for improvement within forty-eight hours. Students enrolled in English Composition I can take a brief diagnostic test to help determine where assistance is needed most. Walk-ins are welcome, and workshops on various writing topics are available periodically. Most PSC tutors are professionals, many of whom have teaching experience and are happy to provide assistance to all PSC students. Click here for additional information.

Student Support

Students entering college today can quickly become overwhelmed with the various information technologies encountered on a daily basis. However, knowing where to find help when needed can lower stress significantly. All PSC students use the PSC email system (PirateMail) and most students use Canvas, the PSC learning management system. The student record system (Spyglass) is used for registration, transcripts, etc., and the PSC Library offers a host of online services. While such variety is a common feature of most colleges, PSC is committed to minimizing the confusion that may arise by providing help to students when and where they need it. For a brief overview of the various PSC systems, and a quick reference guide to assistance, the eLearning Department recommends that students visit the Student Support page on the eLearning website. Also, the PSC eLearning Department is happy to answer any questions one might have about PSC distance learning programs and services: 850-484-1238.

Virtual Tutoring

Achieving your best often requires help. At PSC, students enrolled in a math, physics, chemistry, biology, accounting, or writing emphasis course may connect with a tutor in a fully interactive, online environment. Virtual tutors have access to textbooks used in PSC classes, enabling them to quickly respond to questions related to homework assignments and other class requirements. If homework is not from a textbook students may speak, email, or chat their question to the virtual tutor. After receiving a question, the tutor will work through the problem, prompting the student to answer questions and interact throughout the process. Virtual tutors can address multiple learning styles and will work one-on-one with students in real-time. In late 2017, PSC won the prestigious Bellwether Award for its Virtual Tutoring Service. Click here for additional information.


FloridaShines (Florida’s Student Hub of Innovative Educational Services) is a service of the Florida Virtual Campus. FloridaShines works with the state’s 40 colleges and universities and other partners to help you succeed in school and beyond. Whether you’re in high school or college, or you’re already working and ready to earn or complete your degree, FloridaShines can help.