Canvas Basics Online Workshop

PSC faculty and staff requesting a Canvas account must first complete the Canvas Basics Online Workshop. Canvas Basics can be completed in 2-4 hours and provides essential information for using Canvas as configured at PSC. Registration is permitted at any time during the semester. To access the workshop, fill out and submit the enrollment form linked below:

Canvas Basics Enrollment Form


Self-Enrollment Workshops

Canvas Gradebook
There are more options available in the Canvas gradebook beyond what was covered in Canvas Basics. If you’d like more in-depth information on how to use the Canvas Gradebook, click the link to self-enroll in the Canvas Gradebook information course.

Canvas Attendance Tools
There are several ways student attendance can be recorded and managed in a Canvas course. The tool used will depend on the type of course you are teaching; synchronous, asynchronous, or clock hour. If you’d like information on how to use the attendance tools in Canvas, click the link to self-enroll in Canvas Attendance Tools information course.

Proctorio is a remote test proctoring software.  It can help provide a secure environment for online testing. In this workshop, you will learn how to use Proctorio in a Canvas course. Click this link to self-enroll in Proctorio information course.

Accessibility in Online Courses
There are several things you can do to make your online courses more accessible to those with disabilities as well more usable for everyone. Click this link to self-enroll in Accessibility in Online Courses.

Online Course Management
Course management is one of the most important aspects of teaching online. Successful online courses are well-structured, organized, and provide important course information up front. This workshop will share strategies to help you better manage your online course. Click this link to self-enroll in Online Course Management.

Online Course Assessments
Assessment is not just something that happens at the end of the learning process. In any course it is important for students to get frequent feedback on how they are doing. This course discusses the importance of aligning assessments with learning outcomes, what types of assessments work best to gather valid evidence that your students are learning what you intend for them to learn, the importance of feedback, and how to prevent or at least discourage academic dishonesty. Click this link to self-enroll in Online Course Assessments.

Online Media and Supplemental Resources
A good variety of media such as video, audio, and images is an effective way to support learning outcomes and engage students.  In this course we share different sources for online images, videos, and other content.  We will also discuss the legal issues related to the use of others’ content.

Faculty and Staff Training

The PSC eLearning Department offers a variety of training opportunities for faculty and staff. Training sessions for groups or individuals may also be arranged by calling the eLearning Department at 850-484-1238. Upcoming training sessions offered by the PSC eLearning Department are listed on the SPD Calendar of Events. Current training topics include Canvas Basics, Canvas Rubrics and SpeedGrader, Online Course Management, Online Assessments,  Online Media and Supplemental Course Resources, and Accessibility in Online Courses.  Have a suggestion for a future workshop? Drop us a line at the following address: