Additional Information

Online learning is no longer a novelty. Most colleges now offer online courses, and many students have had their first online learning experience before leaving high school. Those with some experience know, and those with little experience should know, that learning online is different than that which takes place in a physical classroom, especially in terms of the self-motivation and time management skills required of the student. Regardless of your past experience with online learning, it is highly recommended that all students review the information provided below and submit any unanswered questions to the PSC eLearning Department prior to enrolling in any online course at PSC.


Participation in the course according to the schedule of events described by the instructor is considered “attendance.”  Students who do not access the class website during the first week of class, take examinations by established due dates, or do not otherwise participate in the course are subject to withdrawal.

General Advice

  • Read your course syllabus carefully and refer to it often.
  • Note important due dates, and complete work ahead of time.
  • If your course requires a textbook, buy it.
  • Always be one step ahead, and never fall behind.
  • Read all the assigned reading carefully — twice if necessary.
  • If you encounter problems, request assistance immediately. Waiting can often lead to bigger problems.
  • Seek assistance from your classmates. Most students who have had a similar problems are happy to share the solution if known.
  • If you will not be taking your tests at a PSC testing center, make all proctoring arrangements early. Verification of a proctor by the eLearning department can take several days.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your computer, software, and Internet connection. If you experience problems during the semester, it is up to you to find a solution. Plan ahead for computer down-time and have an alternate plan in place before you begin the course.

Distance Learning Fee

Students are charged a distance learning fee for each distance learning course they take. The current fee for all distance learning courses at Pensacola State College is $8.33 per credit hour. Note that an additional fee may be assessed when a course requires the purchase of unique software or licensing agreement. The distance learning fee does not apply to hybrid courses.

Technology Requirements

Students should have access to a reliable broadband Internet connection and a reliable computer (desktop or laptop). Click here for details regarding technology requirements.

Turnitin (Plagiarism Checker)

PSC courses often include one or more writing assignments. Consequently, many instructors now use Turnitin to determine the extent to which a student might have “borrowed” existing content without giving proper credit to the original author. Click here to view a brief tutorial on Turnitin.

Proctored Tests

Many courses at PSC require a proctored environment for testing. Tests may be proctored at a test center or by virtually by a software service. Be sure to check the course syllabus for information about this requirement specific to each course.  See this page for more information about Proctored Testing at PSC.