Student Support

Canvas is the PSC learning management system. Think of Canvas as your online classroom. All distance learning and hybrid courses are delivered via Canvas, and most instructors teaching on-campus use Canvas to deliver supplementary course content. (Note: It can take up to four hours for your courses to appear in Canvas after you register or make changes to your existing schedule.) Click here for instructions on how to login to Canvas.

PirateMail is PSC’s official email system and should be used for all official business with the college. Note that some instructors may ask you to use the messaging system in Canvas as well. For information regarding access to PirateMail, click here.

Spyglass is the PSC information system for students. Spyglass is used for registration and provides access to your college records, course schedule, financial aid and fee payment information, your contact information, etc. To access Spyglass, click here.

Campus Computers (Network Accounts)
Network accounts are used to login to campus computers in computer labs, etc. A wireless network is also available for all PSC students. To learn more about PSC network accounts, click here.

PSC Library
The PSC Library offers many of its services online. You may access the library directly from within Canvas. You may also login into library services using your PSC ID Card. For more information regarding library access, click here.

Canvas Support
Use the following number for issues related to Canvas (passwords, etc.) Toll Free (24/7): 855-534-1843. For issues related to your course, please contact your instructor or the PSC eLearning Department:

Support for PirateMail, Spyglass, and PSC Networks
Assistance is available during normal business hours: Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.