Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have discovered that students often ask the same questions every semester. The list provided below includes most of these questions accompanied by brief answers. We encourage anyone planning to take an eLearning course at PSC to take a moment and read through the list as doing so will, in all probability, save you much time in the long run. Of course, if you have a general question about PSC eLearning courses, please do not hesitate to call us at 850-484-1238. We will be happy to help you any way we can.

What is a Distance Learning Course?

Distance Learning courses allow students to complete all course requirements from an off-campus location. However, please note that while no campus visits are required for Distance Learning courses, some instructors do require testing to be conducted in a proctored environment, and all off-campus proctoring must be approved by the instructor.

What is a Hybrid Course?

Hybrid courses blend elements of distance learning with on-campus instruction. The number of times a student visits a Pensacola State campus for a Hybrid course may vary from course to course. However, all Hybrid courses include some on-campus instruction.

What is a Companion Website?

Companion Websites are used by some instructors as a means to simply provide online supplementary content to their students enrolled in traditional on-campus courses.

How do I register for an eLearning course?

Once you have determined whether or not eLearning is for you, check the eLearning website for a list of current eLearning courses. If you are new to Pensacola State College, please contact the Admissions Office for instructions. If you are a current Pensacola State College student, you may register for any eLearning course in the same way you register for on-campus courses.

Are eLearning courses more expensive than on-campus courses?

Tuition for all eLearning courses is the same as that charged for courses offered on-campus. However, Distance Learning courses carry an additional $8.33 per credit-hour distance learning fee. This fee is not required for Hybrid courses.

Are eLearning courses easier than courses offered on-campus?

No. In fact, due to the added responsibility placed on the student for managing his/her time independently, eLearning courses, especially Distance Learning courses, may be more difficult.

How much do I need to know about computers to take an eLearning course?

Although you do not have to be a computer expert, you should be familiar with the Internet and be able to conduct standard computer operations such as sending/receiving email (and attachments) and downloading/uploading files.

What are the technology requirements (browser support, etc.)?

Students are well prepared for eLearning courses at PSC if they have a broadband connection to the Internet, a current version of a common browser, basic software like Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word, and audio capability. Note that all PSC students have free access to MS Word via the cloud-based service, Office Web. Click here for further details regarding technology requirements.

Can I complete all requirements for a distance learning course with a mobile device (cell phone, iPad, etc.).

There are Canvas apps for Apple iOS and Android devices that can certainly facilitate many tasks required in a distance learning course. However, students should not depend on a mobile device exclusively. Click here for more information regarding Canvas and mobile devices.

May I take a look at a PSC eLearning course to see what it’s like?

Absolutely. Click here to begin.

Can I complete my entire program with Distance Learning courses only?

Pensacola State College offers several programs that can be completed entirely online. Click here a current list of these programs.