How to Login to Canvas

To log into Canvas for the first time, you need a User Name and Password.

User Name: Your user name is based on your Pensacola State email address, specifically the part in front of the @ sign. You do not need to input your whole email address.

PSC Email Address:
Canvas User Name: j_p1234

Password: Your default password includes the College’s initials “Psc” (with the “P” capitalized) and your birth date in this format: PscYYYYMMDD

If you were born May 7, 1990, your default password is: Psc19900507

Important Notes:

A)  If you are a PSC instructor (full-time or adjunct)taking an eLearning course as a student, use your staff email address for your User Name, removing the “@” and everything to the right of it. For example, “” would use “jdoe” as a User Name.

B)  Once logged on you will see your Canvas “Dashboard.  You can access a course by clicking a “course card.” If you do not see a specific course card listed, click the “Courses” link (directly beneath the Dashboard link), then click “All Courses” to list all your courses. Clicking the star beside the course toggles course card visibility on the Dashboard.
Important: Students may not be able to log in to Canvas or see their classes until 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the semester/session.

C)  You must change the default password after gaining initial access. (Anyone who knows your date of birth could gain access to your Canvas account!)

D  )If you can’t remember your previous password and need to have it reset, please click here and then click on “Forgot Password?”  Your password will be sent to your PirateMail account.