Faculty Resources

Items listed on this page contain information instructors and staff will find useful with regard to eLearning at PSC. If the information you need does not appear here, please contact the eLearning Department at 850-484-1751 (bwaters@pensacolastate.edu).

eLearning Handbook for Faculty and Administrators

The purpose of the PSC eLearning Handbook is to provide faculty, administrators, and staff a single point of reference for all policies, procedures, and guidelines governing eLearning at the College. More specifically, the Handbook is intended to assist department heads and faculty as they plan, develop, teach, and evaluate eLearning courses and programs.

Canvas - Preparing to Conclude a Semester

At the end of each semester instructors should perform certain tasks in Canvas.

  • Click here for a list of tasks.

Canvas - Preparing for a New Semester

Each semester instructors must make adjustments to their Canvas course(s). It is critical that these tasks be complete prior to the beginning of the semester so students have access to course content on the first day of class.

  • Click here for a list of tasks.

Collaborative Learning Center (Room 2068)

The PSC Collaborative Learning Center is a classroom designed specifically for group activities. The room consists of six round tables, each with three workstations shared by six students. One (or all) of the three projectors can display the activity of any combination of the workstations to large screens mounted on each wall of the facility. Instructors who wish to use the room must call the eLearning Department at 850-484-1238 and make reservations in advance.

All users must follow the operational guidelines below:

  • No food or drink is allowed. (Exceptions may be made in cases where medically necessary. Also, the instructor may keep a bottle of water when lecturing.)
  • Full-time instructors and employees teaching in the room may request a key from their respective department head or supervisor.
  • Adjunct instructors must request access to the room from the eLearning Department between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. When class is scheduled outside these hours, or in the unlikely event the eLearning Department is closed, access may be provided from folks at the Circulation Desk in the library.
  • All instructors using the room beyond library hours must make arrangements with Campus Police to have the room locked and the alarm set when class is over.


Course and Instructor Evaluations

Course and instructor evaluations are conducted every fall and spring. PSC currently uses an online evaluation system called SmartEvals which provides the means by which students may complete their evaluations from within their Canvas course.

  • Click here to learn how to make your evaluations available to students in their Canvas course.

Course Development Process (Distance Learning and Hybrid Courses)

Anyone interested in developing an eLearning course should follow the steps outlined in this process in sequence. Skipping any step may cause lengthy delays in the course development process.

  • Click here to review the course development process.

Faculty Media Center (Room 2054)

The PSC Faculty Media Center provides faculty an environment in which they may work, free from distractions and in close proximity to the eLearning staff. The FMC is located in the Library on the Pensacola Campus in the same area as the eLearning Department. The room is equipped with four workstations with dual monitors, scanners, and software that may not otherwise be available to instructors. Reservations are not required. Although, to ensure availability please contact the eLearning Department at 850-484-1238 (rhall@pensacolastate.edu) prior to your visit.

Faculty Training Lab (Room 2064)

The Faculty Training Lab is located in the Library on the Pensacola Campus in the same area as the eLearning Department. The facility is small, consisting of only nine workstations. For this reason it is important to register for eLearning workshops early as they fill quickly. Click here for a list of workshops currently available.


Instructional Software

Reliable and proven software is required for effective teaching and eLearning. To ensure all PSC instructors have access to the tools they need, the eLearning Department has prepared a list of selected products. The list includes links to free software as well as programs for which the College has a site license.

  • Click here to access the list of academic software.


The PSC Planetarium is a unique resource for PSC students and the Pensacola community at large.

  • Click here to access the PSC Planetarium website.

Quality Matters

All PSC eLearning courses are developed per the guidelines formulated by the organization known as Quality Matters. The QM Rubric serves as the foundation for the peer review model adopted by PSC to ensure quality in every course offered.